Hiding reports from views after 48 hours

Good afternoon Team,

I’m currently doing an app which lets the users upload a report (they can’t erase or edit it once it has been uploaded).

Once a user uploads data, that person is able to see his/ser data uploaded in the corresponding View Menu. I changed the visibility by using [CORREO DEL ASESOR]=USEREMAIL() as a Security Filter. That means the user can’t see what other workers have done.

What I want to do, is to hide the report after X ammount of days or hours. That is to make sure the worker will not steal or use the information for their personal benefit.

The reason why I am developing the app is because 2 months ago a worker stole a lot of information before being fired. Then that person opened his own bussiness with the stolen information.

You would need to record a DateTime column, with an initial expression of NOW(). Can make it hidden. Then change your Security Filter expression to:

    HOUR(NOW() - [new DateTime column] ) < 48

That sucks, sorry to hear that. Hope an Appsheet app can help!