Hiding unused/empty fields in Details view


Was looking for a way to hide columns based on user input (or no input) in Details View.
A user completes a report - a list of questions, where he either enters some info or not.
I need to hide those fields where the user did not enter anything.
Some of the fields have default (initial value), typically 0 or “”;
Thus I need to capture fields that have not been entered or remain with default values and hide them from details view.
Here is picture of how it looks now with plenty of empty fields

Apparently I cannot hide column because then the fields will not be available in the form for editing. As I understand, the hiding should only happen when a user enters the Details View, as shown above. I also have a feeling that may be the strategy is wrong and I should have used something like slides …

Apprecaie a hint on this,

Thank you,

The detail view should not show you blank values if the option is set as OFF. You can find it from UX > Options

Found it!
Thank you and sorry for troubling!

Though I still need to hide “0” values …
If I set SHOW_IF to exclude 0 values, then the column will disappear and user will not be able to enter values, if required (since 0 is default value).

No worries


Taking the opportunity - Happy New 2020 Year!

Use something like NOT(AND(Context(“ViewType”)=“Detail”,[ColumnName]=0))