Hierarchy Views

Expanding Tree - root/node style
Chart Style - Think org Structure
And as a group and sort option for drilling, tables/decks…

All we would need to do is indicate which column in the table contains the Parent Ref…
Maybe a customization on what level to start at, and hide/show “blank” levels…

Hierarchy is a easily achieved by having a REF column within that table the ties back to the same table… So the user can indicate the parent… EX: an employee table could have a REF column back to the employee table to select that person supervisor. With the Chart style view we could then look at a dynamic org chart that we can click and pan on. Or with the Tree, we could drill into it by supervisor.

@morgan Pretty Please?!
@praveen With sugar on top!

And yes, I currently “fake it till we make it” So, I’ve got plenty of creative workarounds…

Are you able to show some kind of sample?




It’s also great for all kinds of data not just personnel… Think project and task… Or time based, year, month, days… Or location USA > Texas > Austin… It’s an automatic ISAPARTOF…


Would like something similar for viewing parent/child relationships in a table - eg with Bill of Materials and subassemblies - similar to grouping in Excel. (Image attached just the quickest one I could find online that illustrates the usefulness). That would unlock significant power in Appsheet for us.


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Love it!

Grant, just a thought, if I can export mind maps to a spreadsheet, would nice to import that table into an app.

Exactly, it allows you to have undefined layers… Contract structure and cost codes is another one…

Bump, please vote. This cuts down on the number of tables you’ll probably need to get awesome drilling, and trees, and charts!


@morgan @praveen Was thinking back to an earlier thought of mine, but wanted to pin it here…
A specialized REF column would seal the deal “REF - Hierarchy.” This would clear up plenty of things, automatically referencing the key column of that table, and each table can only have one. Then in the group and sort we could simply select “Hierarchy”. Or maybe it still deserves it’s own fancy views?

We also need other types of REFs so maybe a ref subtype would be valuable. many to one, 1:1, and Hierarchy


It is a great idea!

We already can see Related List on a deck view, “Nested Table Collumn” feature. Perhaps it would be a simpler solution to just add a show/hide button for the Nested Table.

Also, if the the row height could adjust for the number of nested rows, maybe set a limit height in which the vertical scroll bar would appear, but no minimum height.

Now the rows have a fixed height, which looks strange when the Parent record have few or no Child Record (see image).