Highest value in column in a report

Hopefully this is easy!

Goal: to show the most recent of the column [SUMC] at the top of a report.

Current Setup:
I have the collumns already set to the correct value (SUM)
The report is set up to be “For the entire table” and it shows the collumn, but the collumn shows the value the collumn for every row instead of just the most recent one.

This is because It is part of a <Start:> <> method that keeps refreshing. I am trying to have this as a one time thing instead of refreshing, but it isn’t functioning wihtout a start / end method.
How do I do that?

You need to construct a SUM(SELECT(...) expression for all your columns in your report template and then use <<Start:>> and <<End>> expression to populate the table data in your report.

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Sorry for being unclear. I updated my original post to give a better picture of what I’m after. Essentially, I have the collumn values and such set up, but I just need the template to only show the most recent row’s value of that collumn in the report.

If by “most recent”, you mean the one that occurs nearest the bottom of the spreadsheet, you can use the following:

  1. MAX(ThisTable[_ROWNUMBER]) finds the highest row number in ues in the ThisTable table.

  2. LOOKUP(..., "ThisTable", "_ROWNUMBER", "SUMC") then uses that highest row number to find the row with that row number to get that row’s SUMC value.

See also: LOOKUP(), MAX()

So i tried this:
<<Start: LOOKUP(MAX(Reciepts[_ROWNUMBER]), “Reciepts”, “_ROWNUMBER”, “SUMC”)>>
Sum: <<[SUMC]>>

and it gave me this error: LOOKUP(MAX(Reciepts[_ROWNUMBER]), “Reciepts”, “_ROWNUMBER”, “SUMC”)’ should generate a List of Ref values.

Am I supposed to have a “select” function at the beginning? Because I also tried
“<<Start: Select(LOOKUP(MAX(Reciepts[_ROWNUMBER]), “Reciepts”, “_ROWNUMBER”, “SUMC”),TRUE)>>
Sum: <<[SUMC]>>

While this method doesn’t pop up with any errors, the report doens’t generate and send.