Highlighting blanks on another table


I have a columb that requires filling when I have a received item. I would like to have a seperate columb on another table that shows when it is blank so I don’t have to scroll down to see what I’m yet to receive.

Any suggestions would be a appreciated.


You need to use virtual column for that purpose. What kind of relationship you have between these two tables/records?

You might consider creating a slice and view particular to this purpose which filters away the unnecessary data.


Hi Aleski

All I do is fill it with a dot to signify the item has arrived. I format my excel to change colour when not blank.

Sincere Apologies, Aleksi.

Im, new to Appsheet, I’ve read and tried to absorb information on the community but some still hasn’t sunk in.

As above, i would just like to format one form answer on the app in "part received column " to a colour if i have received the part. when i then look a a long list of items i have on order the ones with colour in the received section show me easily if the part is here.

if however i could create a new list with just parts that were not here that also would be great, i don’t mind having another page to view this. would this solution be leaning more towards Marc Dillions response?

What view are you looking at this data in? Table,deck,detail,form?

Have you learned about UX-> Format Rules, yet?

If you need a field to show up in a different order in a form view, you need to create a slice, there is no other way to rearrange column order for form views except for changing the spreadsheet.

I often create slices, for a many-column table, that only show a handful of columns, for the purpose of inputting only a handful of data points on an existing record. And I typically create an action button to forward the user to that specific form, use Linktorow().

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I have the setting to deck view,

Ill look into slices and actions, thanks for the feedback.

I have what i think is a good soultion,

I have created a new view, Sfor this view use this slice sliced data and then on the row filter condition is put in ISBLANK(part received). this view then only shows the parts that i haven’t stated are received.

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Hope it works for you.