HIPPA Compliant Cloud Database

I have a HIPPA BA with Google for my Google Drive where I have my sheets that are used with my app(s).

Lately, I have been creating more complex apps with graphing and interconnecting sheets, and as such my sync times have been increasing.

I tried breaking my app into smaller specific function apps and this has increase sync time but I am still not where I want to be.

I have been thinking of migrating to a cloud database server (possibly through google cloud with a Postgres server) but the data contains private data covered by Hippa regulations.

My question are:

  1. Will moving to a dedicated cloud server increase my sync times
  2. Any recommendations for accomplishing this and keeping HIPPA Complaint?


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Dramatically yes

You’ve already got a BA for Gdrive - see about expanding that to include Google Cloud Platform

  • then host your data in a SQL there

So just for the record, saying “increase sync times” actually means to “improve sync times”…right?

I can’t imagine anyone wanting to increase the Sync time…rather our goal is to DECREASE Sync time in order to INCREASE performance.


Indeed. Haha, too funny.


Touche…you are correct I meant to improve my times