#Hiring - Stead Global AppSheet Partners

Stead Global is #Hiring!

We’re looking for an individual that loves to learn voraciously while solving problems!

We can teach the skills, but we need you to bring the right attitude, values, and beliefs!

Copied from our LinkedIn Post:
Stead Global is #hiring a Jr Systems Analyst (Full Time Remote)

We are looking for an avid learner who is familiar with manipulating and representing data at scale. This role is a great opportunity to learn and grow while creatively solving challenging technical problems related to databases and mobile applications.

1-3 years’ experience in a related field
Expert level Excel experience (ability to write VBA macros)
A strong sense of ownership and personal accountability
Excellent communication, presentation, and problem-solving skills
Ability to pass regular drug screenings

Find out more about us: https://steadglobal.com
Send a resume: careers@steadglobal.com


I’m surprised we haven’t gotten any interest from this community in a full time role… :astonished::joy:

Well, i’d love to apply, but…

I can’t give up my regular doses of appsheet hehe



We do work for the industrial oil and gas market. Sometimes we even end up out on site… Client retirements.

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That’s great, i was just joking a bit hehe , good luck on your search !

Thanks! We’ve gotten good response elsewhere. And Appsheet isn’t too hard to get up to speed on.

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