Histogram Inquiry


Is is possible to sort a histogram with the following:

  1. Filter the chart the “Top 5” data in a specific column
  2. Sort it from highest to lowest

Thank you!

June Corpuz

The sorting is quite easy to do. Choose the column you wish to sort it by:

And there you go . . .

This is lowest to highest but a single click will reverse this.

I think a slice could be configured to eliminate all records who didn’t make the top five. I’ll follow up soon.

I think the “slice” approach is correct. Here’s an example of how I have put data together for my histogram in a Google sheet:

Screen Shot 2019-12-26 at 18.13.27

I only have five items but if I wanted to limit it to three, for example, I could calculate the third highest value in the “Respondents” category then make a slice that only included the data for the three highest “Choices”. I think that should work.

Finally, here’s another histogram-related post:

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW deep link could be one option.

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Sorry, I forgot to mention but I’m dealing to count text instead of numbers :frowning:

Can you please explain this further?

@Aleksi is the expert but I can say that you can find a basic explanation here:

You’ll need an expression to filter out what you don’t want and you’ll also need a place from which to link. There are several options in that regard.

In order to get more detailed help, I think you’ll need to provide more detail about your table structure etc.

I saw one post here where Aleksi replied and I used his formula below:

[Meet Up Place],
Order Form[Meet Up Place],([Status]=“Completed”),TRUE),FALSE),5))

Yes it is filtering 5 types of data, but it is filtering incorrect data. Here are my concerns.

  1. I’m not filtering the list of status that are completed
  2. I’m not getting the TOP 5 because when I filtered the TOP 10, it shows other values that are higher than those who are in TOP 5
  3. See the screenshot below. The histograms are declining on the first 4 bars but on the 5th bar it shows higher bar compared to the 2nd-4th bars


I cannot solved it anymore. Can someone please help me?

@Aleksi Can you please help me?

Hi @June_Corpuz would you please show what kind of table structure you have and what column types these columns have, thanks.

Hello Aleksi,

[Meet Up Place] = Enum
[Status] = Enum

If you want to filter 5 biggest values, you should use TRUE instead of FALSE like
[Meet Up Place],
Order Form[Meet Up Place],[Status]=“Completed”),TRUE),5))


I tried to apply your formula but this what happens to my chart


Try to create for example a virtual column with the TOP(…) so you could see what the result actually is.