Histogram View

Hi. Is there a way to limit the number of results in a histogram to 10 bars?

HI Maurice,
Can I suggest you post this in the feature request section.
But let me ask you first. How would you expect the 10 results to be selected amongst the entire data set?
Say you have 20 distinct entities for the column your selected for which you are visualizing a count of transactions in the histogram. Which susbset of 10 would you expect to see, the first 10 alphabetically, the 10 with highest count?
Feel free to share more of your scenario in the feature request entry. It will help us better design the capability if/once we decide to pick it up.

Thanks @TDhers. For my current scenario I would be looking for the top 10 [Assets] with the highest number of Maintenance Tickets but having it for additional filters like Cost or Labor Hours would be great too so a top 10 would really help.

Thank you Maurice for posting it here

Use a slice to limit your data, so if you only want the first 10 rows create a row count and then a filter ([rowcount] < 10) then would then give you a slice use use which limits to ten.

I used a date column. ((TODAY() - 120 ) < [date])