Hora y ingreso de imagen

Como Puedo deshabilitar la opción de adjuntar imagen desde la galería cuando solicito una foto en la ya que la imagen que me deben enviar debe ser en tiempo real ?
Además como puedo solicitar la hora y que el usuario no pueda alterarla hora real, ya que si se modifica la hora del dispositivo la app toma esta hora o fecha ?

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I allowed myself to translate your request, so that anyone can understand it easily (and myself)

Google translate:
1 - How can I disable the option to attach an image from the gallery when I request a photo in it, since the image that should be sent to me must be in real time?
2 - Also, how can I request the time and that the user cannot alter it in real time, since if the device time is modified, the app takes this time or date?

About 1)
You can’t

About 2)
This will set the initial value, to the date/time the user save a form

This prevent the user to make any change on this value :slight_smile:

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este no es el problema, si el usuario cambia la hora de su dispositivo manualmente la app arrastra la hora del celular así el usuario puede alterar este campo

Did you uncheck the “editable” option ?

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ponte en el lugar de usuario yo puedo ingresar a ajustes de mi celular ingresar a fecha y hora y colocar la hora que quiera , luego ingreso a la app y monto un registro la app toma la hora del dispositivo no la real

OK, I didn’t get that point specifically.
Then, I suggest that, instead of NOW(), you use UTCNOW() as initial value of your TimeStamp.

Then, if you know for sure that your users are in a specific time zone, you can use this expression to re-create the NOW() equivalent:
UTCNOW() + “002:00:00” for France, for example

However, I have no knowledge of the way UTCNOW() is calculated, if it depends of the device used or not.
Maybe @Steve will have a clue on it ?

For reference:

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There is no way to get the actual time if the user has changed the device’s time.

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It’s just NOW() with the timezone adjustment removed. It’s as simple as that, no magic. If the user changes the device’s time, both NOW() and UTCNOW() will be affected.

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