Horizontal Align - Displayed text is shown from LEFT to RIGHT

I entered some Arabic text (long text and short text). Arabic is aligned from RIGHT to LEFT. But the displayed text is shown from LEFT to RIGHT

Is there an option of text alignment ( Horizontal Align ) in APPSHEET


I’m afraid there is no option for that purpose.

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This is wrong alignment cant read.

This is correct alignment can read.

So is there any way to solve this problem?

The text is mirrored and un-readable.

Can you please add this option under (( Future Request ))

I hope better support for Arabic can be added. I use Japanese which also uses a script that is completely different from English. However, Japanese can be written from left to right so I don’t face this particular problem.

Although I can’t really recommend this, it might be possible to use a monospaced Arabic font and then concatenate spaces in such a way as to achieve the appearance you want – as long as each line is shorter than the width of the user’s screen. Here’s a link to a monospaced Arabic typeface:

Although it’s different from what you need to do, I have written about a way to use text to produce a graphic that AppSheet does not yet support:

Perhaps a similar textual approach might work for you.

Good luck!

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@Kirk_Masden @Aleksi

This is a small video by ( GIF ). I created to show the problem.

If press ( Ctrl + Shift ) it change alignment.

But changes back if i save.

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I wish I could help but I have no idea what to do. :frowning: Good luck!

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Thank you for your help. I do hope that AppSheet Team would add it to ((Future #requests)) section

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I have no use for this kind of feature myself, but I’ll upvote anyway. I know supporting languages which function completely differently take lots of time to add to make sure nothing is missed. And that can be even more difficult the more niche the language.