Horizontal Histogram Chart Question

I’m looking to compare THIS MONTHS (Month To Current Date) vs LAST MONTH (Start of Last Month to Same Time Period Last Month) DURATION in an Horizontal Histogram Chart. Here’s an example in I have in my google sheets of the graph.

Not sure how I can replicate this in AppSheets, particularly on how to create the SLICE from my original data set, and the expressions required to filter THIS MONTH vs LAST MONTH.

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 11.56.27 AM

I am also looking for something similar to compare sales previous years months versus current year months

On the data table, create virtual column based on your date fields with expression which return either value “This month” or “Previous Months”. Somethig like that.

Create table for the sesson names, Ride, Indoor Bike… , Home Workout. Just a single column.

Next for this newly created table, then add two virtual fields with expressions something like

sum(select(Table[Time],and([Category]=[_thisrow].[Category],[Months]=“This Month”)))

sum(select(Table[Time],and([Category]=[_thisrow].[Category],[Months]=“Previous Months”)))

Create view from this table, bar chart col series should fit best to your requirement.

Add this month, last month fiels for chart column.

Apply the color whatever you want.

Not perfectly match to the chart image you paste, but technically it display the same.



Thanks, I will try and give this a go.