Host KML files on Google Drive

Would you be able/willing to share your kml with me to troubleshoot?

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Hey guys, i want to share my findings in order to get the link for your KML.
I have created my KML in Google My Maps, then i downloaded it to my computer.
Check the URL in the download history of your web browser.
Then you place this URL in the LatLong column field for Optional KML.

I found it in this stackoverflow:

@tcanelli @Jeff_Partain @Prasetyo_Mimboro


This is cool…
@Fabian do you think you could use integromat to construct a KML for XY?

Thank you @Thiago_Calcagniti for posting this.

@Grant_Stead what do you mean? Extracting XY coordinates from an image and then draw a kml polygone? :thinking:
Even if this would be possible, you still would have to insert the KML-URL into your App under “Optional Url for KML File”

BTW - there is already a KML Builder :wink:


Any update with this? I’m having the same issues.

Hi! I advise you to buy hosting that is publicly visible and server the KML from there. And use a fusion table instead. In addition, you can try a bare metal server, where the operating system is installed on the server, eliminating layers and providing better performance. You can run dedicated servers in your own data center or hosting center, or rent them with a monthly subscription from a managed service provider.Then everything will be stable and work well. So everything else depends on you and your ability to install the server.

Here is another easy workaround. No need to spend money :wink:


tks alot it working