Hotel app with different prices depending on dates

Hi folks,

I would like to build an app with data of many hotels, which for each room category have different prices (per room per night) based on each date. For example,
JEWEL HOTEL, Standard Room, 5Jan-30Jun, 100€
JEWEL HOTEL, Standard Room, 1Jul-31Aug, 150€
JEWEL HOTEL, Standard Room, 1Sep-4Jan, 120€
JEWEL HOTEL, Superior Room, 5Jan-30Jun, 120€
JEWEL HOTEL, Superior Room, 1Jul-31Aug, 170€
JEWEL HOTEL, Superior Room, 1Sep-4Jan, 140€
... like this many hotels and their many room categories :)

How can I make an app (I have not found it at all) to:
- Page 1: The User inputs date in and date out, and the app shows all hotels and their room categories with their prices for the whole period input ((date out-date in) * (price/room for each date))
- Page 2: When the User clicks on BOOK they will see the hotel name, room category selected, then the price/room/night, total nights, TOTAL.

Thanks so much for your help!!

So what I do would be to get the structure right first.

Your first table should be called Hotel and with the normal stuff such as name, address etc and then these columns:
[Standard Room 5Jan-30Jun]
[Standard Room 1Jul-31Aug]
[Standard Room 1Sep-4Jan]
[Superior Room 5Jan-30Jun]
[Superior Room 1Jul-31Aug]
[Superior Room 1Sep-4Jan]

Then create a subtable of Hotel called Room with the following columns:
[Room Number]
[Room Type] as an ENUM with “Standard” and “Superior” as options

Then create a subtable of Room called Booking with the following columns:
[Start Date]
[End Date]

The formula for [Price] is going to be tricky if you want to account for a booking which straddles two rates. But not so bad if your just charging them based on the start date. I’ve done both before.

Hope this helps. I’m one of Appsheets Partners, so if you just want this done for you ASAP then just message me on here or send me an email :slight_smile:

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Hi Simon!
I really appreciate your help because I have not found any info related to this, and I am sure there have to be many Hoteliers or Agents willing to do something like this, so THANK YOU in advance.

Actually it should be a kind of or… the price per room night given should be the total of the whole stay.
For ex., 1 person wants to travel to London from 1 Jan to 4 Jan. Then he can see all hotels with the total stay price for each room category of each hotel for that period (then I can try to group by hotel and then by room cat. so that in the first view just appear the Hotels ordered by price, from - to +)

What you suggest, thanks so much!, is great, but
1- not all hotels have cat. Standard and Superior, there are hotels which give different names to the rooms
2- I cannot just take the price of the arrival date (multiplied by the number of nights), as for ex. a booking from 29Jun to 2Jul would be 2x nights at let’s say 100€ (29,30Jun) and 1x night at 120€ (1Jul)

Difficult, right? Maybe due to this reason Appsheet has not published yet any app like this but hopefully soon…
Thanks, really…

Ok thats not a big issue

You could do this with either an email template or display the options on screen in a Dashboard where you can pick dates

So just create [Rate 1], [Rate 2] etc. Or maybe even have the rates as a subtable so a hotel could have 100s of rates if you wanted to.

So you need a formula that will calculate the total when split over 2 (or more rates). Done that before :slight_smile:

The thing with Appsheets sample Apps is they are mainly there to show you what Appsheet can do. But also for beginers to pick them apart to see how they work. What Appsheet is REALLY all about is creating an App that does EXACTLY what you need.

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Dear Simon,
So sorry that I did not answer to you until today due to some external issues, so really sorry again.
Ok, I will keep on trying. I think I have found a solution! So let’s see. I am already into this world of Appsheet, the more that you know, the more that you want to know and develop! Wow! Thanks so much and please take care.