Hotel room cleaning App ideas

Hi everyone and happy new year. Its been sometime since i havent posted, but here I am back.

Im working now on a cleaning app for a hotel. The idea is that the maids get a UX view (let´s call it “Day Tasks”)that shows only those rooms that were occupied, and when clicked they can mark if the room was cleaned or not.

I have a main “Reservations” table that is updated automatically with Zapier from the hotel Reservation System which is where the information should pulled from for the “Daily Tasks”.

I need to create some kind of Reference or LOOKUP formula to get the updated daily info into the “Daily Tasks” table.

Any ideas for this?

All I´ve tried hasnt really worked.
The only thing that did was to create a Google sheets table preloaded with all dates in the year, one for each room.
Then, I created a slice so that it only shows today´s reservations. but of course Reservations change, I get new ones and also cancellations so I need someway to autoupdate this.

So I created an action (set the values of some columns in this row with a SELECT formula)to update this manually, although this is not ideal, as the maid has to select in the table the rooms to update and then run the action every morning.


I tried using a workflow triggered by updates to the Reservation table by this obviouly doesnt work since the updates are generated by zapier and not by the app itself.

I also tried using a SELECT() formula for the needed columns but this only works when a new row is created inside the app, not outside by Zapier.

Any ideas on how to automate this will be greatly appreciated!

Hi Nicolás - you might get some ideas from the new app template - it contains room-based ‘to do’ items that automatically change status on a daily basis.
Rental Manager

Also, this To-Do list app has similar behavior, allowing you to manage how frequently a recurring task needs to be performed: Task Manager


Thank you @Peter !
I will deffinitely look into this!
This looks very promising.
Love the way the checkpoints for cleaning are displayed on an image on the Rental Manager Sample App.
What I need also, that I dont see on this Sample Apps, is a way to have a registry/history of all the daily tasks. These apps are made with actions that reset the status of the checkpoint every certain time, though they dont generate a history of events. Its just one task or row constantly reseting.
Im looking for a way to keep record of the data, this way I can get a Report by the end of the week with all the checkpoints cleaned and the bounded information to this.
The way Im doing it now is by using a table with preloaded dates and tasks which Im sure its not the best way.

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Some fun ideas.
OCR to recognize the room number placards.
Barcodes on the doors
Pictures for room damage.


Thanks @Grant_Stead
I’m Already using pictures for room damage.
Will also implement NFC tagging for room identification.

Be careful with NFC, most apple devices don’t support native NFC… So, if you can’t make sure the device is Android…