Hour report add a virutal column to database

Hi, i have an virtual column calculating the disponibility from my service.
now i have a dashboard with this disponibility and another program pinting screen each one hour.
and everyday i have to get this pictures and put the disponibility in a table to do a chart with this info.

so i need that appsheet do it for me.

but how could i do it?
i made a new table to save this infos
and i think that i need to create 24 reports, one to each hour.
but how i put the report to get the value from column [disponibility] and put in this new column?
with webhook?

I’m guessing that it may indeed be necessary to use a webhook:

I thought about the possibility of a workflow rule too:

If people are using your app all the time, then I think you can trigger something to happen when an action is taken after a certain amount of time has elapsed. But, unless I’m mistaken, a workflow rule won’t do anything unless a user does something. Could you live with reports that have timestamps and that occur when an action is taken?

Separate from the issue of how to trigger the reports is how to record them. In that respect, I think this might be of interest:

One more thought: On an app of mine, I record when things happen. Then, in Google sheets, I arrange the data by what happened each day. Perhaps something like that might work for you.