Hours of AppSheet support

Just curious, what hours do the AppSheet support staff work? Are escalated engineers available all of that time?

I corresponded with two different support staff yesterday on an issue I’m facing but haven’t heard anything more since 12:58 pm EST Saturday.

The initial response was extremely quick. The subsequent emails were timely. I figure they are just trying to solve the problem but was curious if someone would be working today.

Not complaining, simply curious.

Hi Lucinda, yes we do have 24/7 support :slight_smile:


Hi Lucinda,
As Aleksi said, we have Support engineers 24*7 now. If something is really bad an need devs, then they know how to reach me or Praveen and we can find the right folks to address any significant issues over the week end. But as you might suspect non critical issues are most likely being deferred to Monday if they require engineer’s involvement.


Could you check on my support request? I didn’t get a support ticket, does AppSheet do that?, and the last I heard was on Saturday at noon. I sent an email this morning for an update but haven’t heard anything.

First couple of emails were with Vinit Kumar Mishra on Saturday. Then with Ephry Kaplan, also on Saturday.



My Apologies Lucinda, Ephry indeed had your ticket but didn’t hand it over to the next support engineer when his shift ended. I reassign to the open support queue and it should be picked up by whomever is on shift now…
My sincere apologies Lucinda for this mishap. I am glad you pinged us here.


Thank you Thierry. I got an email in the middle of the night about this. Unfortunately is seems he is starting even a step back than the first support person.

These were his questions:

  • Which app are you trying to copy? From your screenshots, I see Requests_Family-1296677 which I assume is the target/resulting app after the copy. Is this correct? NO. That is what I am trying to copy.
  • Are you the owner of the source app? Or co-author? **I am the owner. If you look at the app, which I gave access to, there is no co-author assigned. **

Frustrating. To me, it is not a complex issue to describe. The error message which I included along with five other screen shots and explanations should clearly explain it. A first level support person will not be able to help with this issue, no one in the forum could. :grinning:

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Hi Lucinda, let me take care of that ticket.

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Thank you!!! I’m in a meeting the next hour or so.


Please check my few questions in support channel. And let’s continue to use that channel, thanks.


As a follow up, they found the problem: Hi Lucinda, we found the main reason for this. Your sheet name have more than 30 characters. It works when you add that table to your app as you have done. But it seems that when you copy the app, the process reduce the sheet name’s length to 30 characters and then of course the copy process won’t work. As a workaround when we are investigating from where that limit is coming from, please reduce the original sheet name to 30 or less characters and then copy the app.


Yes Google Sheet can support worksheet name up to 50 chars and when you create the app or regenerate the column structure, you are fine.

The issue is that when copying the app and it’s data from Google Sheet, we first export the Google Sheet as an Excel sheet (XLSX type). And the truncation of the worksheet name happens there automatically and internally to confirm the 31 chars restriction. So as a fix, better to reduce the sheet name less than 30 chars. We are going to add some information so you would not find your app in that situation when copying it.


Thank you for the detailed information.