How app shows details on start?

Hi im new on Appsheet platform is a great platform for making apps as no code knowledge.
i wanna understand how i can make the app logo , info and description will popup when
i start the app…
Thank you for your help .

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Hi @Florin_Lica,

  1. You may define the path of the the App logo file ( as well as launch image , background image files ) under options UX -->Brand

  2. Then in the option Info --> Properties , you may write App’s short name , short description and long description in User Guidance under Information for App users in the same Info --> Properties option.

  3. If you set the 'About" page as start page unser UX–>Options --> General, the app will show the above information mentioned in 1) and 2) above as starting page in “About” page.

There are of course other and additional ways to give infor to the app users, that you may progressivley explore.