How are you handling tabbed forms with child record attachments?

Hello All,
I am having serious issues with the inability to view attachments on tabbed forms. This is a big problem for us and I was wondering how you are handling this situation - or if you are. We have apps with many fields that we separate by sections using tabs and our users are finding this very useful. The bad part of using tabbed forms are the actions (which we have figured out with a work around) but mostly the attachments. We have several apps that allow for multiple attachments (child records) and in a tabbed form, these attachments are not accessible. I feel the detail view is too cumbersome and not easy for the users to view all data, but that seems to be the way to make the attachments viewable.

In one app, I did make a view where only those records with attachments show up and I have a view from there that is the detail view where the buttons are to view the attachments.

In my latest app, this will not work. What else are y’all doing to handle child record attachments so they are viewable when editing a record that is on a form that uses tabs? Thank you in advance.

You may find this useful:

Also, this: