How avoid overbooking appoitment


I am creating an application to manage reservations for a hostel,

I cannot allow overbooking.
Unfortunately, I cannot find examples or explanations on this particular topic on the web.
I only have two tables, one of guests where the basic data are loaded, name, date of entry, date of departure and another table that contains the data of the different rooms and their prices.
Can someone help me please, thank you very much

Hi @Oscar_Rossini

Did you try a valid_if condition, in order to display list of rooms that are free on a specific date period ?
For reference:


Hi @Aurelien
thanks, but
i don’t know how to do the list with all dates :see_no_evil::roll_eyes:

Hi @Oscar_Rossini

Did you try something ?
In my opinion this is not about listing date, rather displaying items that are available within a date period.
So, the idea would be to pick a start datetime, end datetime, and make a list based on that.

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