How can I access name & email address of app users

I have 2 white label apps that were deployed as public and published in Google Play.

I decided to change them to secured. No new columns were added. I simply enabled “required user signin” and hit save. I can now see when the app loads a requirement to sign-in in order to use the app so am assuming all is good.

My question is how do I access the name & email addresses of people using the app, meaning those who have signed-in? Is that even possible?


You can read user’s email address with an expression USEREMAIL() and then use it where ever it’s needed.

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Thank you Aleksi. Haven’t worked with expression before. Is that something I add to a virtual column of any table and once such table is view by a user it will record the email address of such user? If so, how would I then see it?

You need to use it with the normal column. When you read it with the option called “Initial value”, it will write it to you spreadsheet when the record is created.