How can i add data to table only once?

i want to create User Profile view that allow user to upload their photo and name but only once

Hi @11154! Welcome to the forum.

You can put a “show if” condition on a link to a form to add new records. You would need to make an expression to see if the user had already responded or not. If the user had already responded, the link to the form to add a record could be hidden and, with a similar “show if” condition, a link to edit the information that the user had already uploaded could be put in its place.

My explanation is not complete but that’s my basic idea. If you need more help figuring out what to do, I’ll try to respond, if possible.


Thank you for your advice. I will try :grin: :grin:

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Now i’m stuck again, I use ISBLANK() in show if, But it can’t find my “username” Colum

I’ll try to help but I think I’ll need to know more about your situation. Let’s start with the interface that the user will use to type in his or her information. Can you give us a screenshot of the interface, tell us the relevant table and column names, and share any expressions (the ISBLANK expression, etc.) you are using?

I suspect that ISBLANK() won’t work and that you’ll need to use a SELECT() expression to check to see if the username has been recorded in that table in the past.