How Can I Add Margins to a PDF Report?


I have created a workflow that sends teachers an email with an attached PDF. The PDF is based on a Google Docs template, and contains a table with a list of students and their associated info.

We have discovered that when we print these PDFs, the student at the bottom of the first page of the PDF does not appear in the printed copy. The PDF that is generated has a very small bottom margin. I’m thinking if I can add a larger margin, it should fix this problem.

Any tips on how to do this? There are margins in the Google Doc.

Thank you!

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Hi @Justin_Thurston
Have you checked the margins on your template. Under Page Setup


Hi Lynn,

Sorry for the delayed response, and thank you for replying.

I have checked the margins on the Doc, and they are there. The margins appear in the PDF too (except at the bottom). I think the issue might be that the PDF has a table that covers two pages, and somehow that ends up continuing right through the margins.