How can I add new form in form

I’m travelling agricultural cooperatives and collecting datas. After writing their names and marking their locations, I want to add their products with other details to their entity. If they have 6-8 products, I have to repeat this action. So how can I add this ‘‘button’’ and open another form like my uploaded photo.


Hi @Salih_Eraslan

I suggest you relate your second table to the first one as a child-parent relationship.
That means you need to add one column in you child table, that will refers to the parent table.
Then, tick “is a part of” on the ref column of the child table.

For explanation, you may want to look under the hood of this sample app:

You will notice the relation between inventory table and products table.
At looking on the columns of the inventory table, you will notice the Item ID column is of type Ref.
Here, Inventory table is the child of the Products table. But the option of this one “is a part of” is untick. What you want is to tick it.

At doing so, you will be able to get this result:

Let us know if that works for you.
For reference: