How can I add values from different rows?

I would like to create a virtual column where I can calculate the partial amount invoiced. For example:
1 $10 $10
2 $15 $25
3 $20 $45

Is it possible?

Thank you


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And how can do it? I have tried in different ways and the result has always been error…

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Thank you Steve, I actually already created a virtual column with total invoiced but the result is the same for all the rows. I used the formula SUM(Hoja 1[IMPORTE]).
But when I have tried select only (for example) cell G3 from IMPORTE + F2 from TOTAL column it has not worked. I’m updating the “excel” formula in the file of drive…

I’m afraid I have no help to offer with spreadsheet formulas.

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Thank you Steve, I also think that’s impossible…