How can I allow useres to use my app but not ...

(Property Maintenance) #1

How can I allow useres to use my app but not let them know It was developed using Appsheet? I would like to keep that quite.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Upgrade your account to Pro or Publisher Pro and it will do that (when you whitelable the app).

(Grant Stead) #3

Why keep it quite? Photographers proudly say they use Photoshop… Why not talk about the tools you use? (I am honestly curious on your thoughts and feelings on this, as I myself go back and forth…)

(Property Maintenance) #4


Well I suppose I would like to say I could commercialize the option as I have no trade or degree in anything and as a sole parent, I find it really hard to make money. It’s just that simple for me.

(Grant Stead) #5

@Property_Maintenance I feel pretty much the same way. I’m not like most partners. I’m building a construction management app that I plan on offering on the SAAS model. So initially I was hell bent on it being white label… Now I’m starting to see that people don’t really care as long as it solves their problem… (And, if they wanted to build it, they would have done it already…) I’ve even seen people be excited to know that it was built on the back of a large platform. Cause then they know that they are getting a super quality product, not a buggy, red bull all night, made it myself in Java, kind of app…

Anyway, stuff to think on… I hope you have fun with the platform. I’ve really been enjoying it.