How can I apply tested changes to a deployed ...

(John Baer) #1

How can I apply tested changes to a deployed app?

If I have a client app that I want to make changes to,

I prefer to copy the app and make changes and test in the copy before rolling out to client.

Is there a way to merge my finalized changes into the client app from my test app without having to manually apply the changes to the client app?

Re-applying changes manually can be error prone.

Alternatively, can the deployed app be replaced in some manner so proper App ID is retained?

I can think of un-deploying, deleting, copy test app and deploy copied app, etc…but that seems messy!

(Brian Sabino) #2

It sounds like you’re looking for app upgrades - App Upgrades App Upgrades

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

Have you thought about the Editor > Manage > Versions > App Upgrade feature?

(John Baer) #4


I’ll read that over and come back with any questions.