How can I based on the response from a previous table ask the user to fill a new form

I am working on creating a BMI app, and this is how the process looks like wherein firstly user enter his height and weight and on the basis of the data input the BMI is calculated thats where I want that on calculation of BMI when the BMI is less than 25 a new form should be triggered wherein I can ask the user about his further details. Attached a photo wherein what deatils I would be asking the user.

Please note that responses to such questions are generic in nature and there could be a few ways to achieve them based on the app user needs and app configuration. So you will be the best judge to implement the most useful approach to you.

One way is , please take a look at multipage forms with conditional branching as one of the easier options.

The second option could be to have a child table for additional questions that becomes visible only when the BMI is more than 25


Thank you for the response @Suvrutt_Gurjar. If I want to go ahead with second option how should I implement that in the appsheet. Because I was trying to add a Machine CU for the same wherein under No branch I was trying to create this form but wasnt able to. So if you could please guide me further would be of great help.
Thank you

Please take a look at a sample app that demonstrates the concept pf parent child based nested forms. Please evaluate if it fits for your requirements. You will of course need to finetune it for your requirements. You can show the “New Button” as "High BMI Quuestionnaire Form’ button and show it only if BMI >25. You will also need to restrict it as 1 to1 relation , meaning one parent record can have only one child related to BMI questionnaire.


Is this Nested Trigger possible in free version.