How can I bring the label value from my ref into a concatenated Virtual Column?

I have a [Status] column that is a reference to another table that just converts numbers to text and allows my users to create their own status values/change what it says for a particular status. I want to have a header in my details view that is Label of status and Current Application date combined. If I just [Status]&" "&[Application Date] I get “5 8/20/2020” instead of “Reviewing 8/20/2020”.
I know this is the valid behavior but is there a way to get the label when I’m using the value somewhere else instead of having a lookup to get the label?


[Status][LabelColumn]&" "&[Application Date]



Don’t forget the period for the dereference.

[Status].[LabelColumn]&" "&[Application Date]

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As suggested by @Bellave_Jayaram’s and @Marc_Dillon’s responses, the answer to this specific question is no: in an expression, you cannot get the label without doing a lookup.

WAIT WHAT. How have I used appsheet for probably a year now and never seen this deference expressions???

@Steve are you saying the dereference is functionally a lookup?

Yeah. Past comments from developers suggest dereferences are more efficient than LOOKUP() and the like, though, so dereferences should be preferred.

It could be equal in efficiency just for the shear shortening of my statements where I need to get something that I have the key for lol if it has a performance increase that’s the frosting to my cake

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