How can I combine two formulas that each work...

(George Joseph) #1

How can I combine two formulas that each work perfect in individual slices to create 1 slice?

Formula 1: [TimeStamp]=ANY(SELECT(Updateclass[TimeStamp],[_RowNumber]=MAX(Updateclass[_RowNumber])))

Formula 2:[CompareYesNo]<>[Name]

Formula 1 gives a subset of the data based on a timestamp and Formula 2 compares names between two tables.

(Jose Luis Cisneros G.) #2

The mechanism of the slide works based on a logical expression (whose result is true or false) your second formula ([CompareYesNo] <> [Name]) results in a true or false, but the first does not. So you should look for an expression that gives you as a true or false result and join them by a logical operator Y or OR

(George Joseph) #3

Thank you Jose,

I wish there was a way to extract a group of data separately and then apply the slice.

Like referencing a slice instead of a table to create a new slice.

(Jose Luis Cisneros G.) #4

The subset of rows of your table must be established based on logical expression, for example the value of a field. Example the records that are active [Active] = TRUE, if you need to test several properties of a row you can create a virtual field and verify all the conditions. The slide will be based on that calculated field. I suggest you see the list functions