How can I compare between two tables - if the value in a column contains words from the other - use a format rule to change color

I have two tables. In Table A I have [Description]. In Table B I also have [description].

I want to compare the value inside Table B [description] to the value in Table A. If Table A contains the text from the row in Table B [Description] - i want to color the text.

Table A:

Table B:



Hi @Tiger

From Date/Columns Inside a table “A” add this expression Inside a Column Name [M] in App formula
LOOKUP([Name_Columns_Compare], "Name_Table_B", "Columns_Need_Compare", "Columns_Color_Text")


Table "A"

Frac Division  
25 Kva gen m062057  
25 kva generator Generatoas
25 kva gen skld mount  
License plate 7094N  
Uconse plate - 343792k  
25 Kva generator Generatoas


Table "B"

71 Pumps 6" Electric Trash Pumps
72 Pumps 6" Diesel Trash Pumps
e41088fd Geneatoas 25 Kva generator



`LOOKUP([Name_Columns_Compare], "Name_Table_B", "Columns_Need_Compare", "Columns_Color_Text")`

Inside Table “A”   Name_Columns_Compare    [L]
Inside Table “B”   Name_Table_B    B
Inside Table “B”   Columns_Need_Compare    [C]
Inside Table “B”   Columns_Color_Text    [B]


LOOKUP([L], "B", "C", "B")

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Thanks - I do have a question. Will this work if i am wanting to look inside Table B for what ever text/value is there? Meaning - i am not searching for specific words/text. Table B values will change often. I just need Table A searching in Table B for the latest values/text and then color the texct based on if the values match Table A values.

Thank you

Thank you.