How can I configure a workrule that only send...

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How can I configure a workrule that only sends 1 Email?

I have multiple workflow rules set up in one table.

It works but sends multiple emails instead of just one as it sends one email per “Update”

Is there a way to fix this or a work around?

(Tony Fader) #2

+Englander App If you only want to send an email on adds, then you can just change the trigger in the workflow to adds only.

If you only want to send it on the first few (or first) edit of the row, you can use a change counter column in your table. Then set the condition of the workflow to fire only when [Change counter] < some number.

(Stephen Mattison) #3

+Englander App Need better info.

If you’re saying that all of the “multiple” WF you have set up are all firing/sending at once, and you would like to be able to pick one and only send this one WF, you’ll need to set up separate “Triggers” for each WF.

I just make a one value Enum column with the word “Sent” then set up my WF to fire on that.

You can make several of these Buttons for the various WF, and even one to [SendAll] if you want.

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+Englander App

Did you ever get your Order App set up nice-nice?

What are you building now?

Did you end up working with an AS Partner?

How’d that go?