How can I create an action that changes the value of one item in an EnumList but leaves other values intact?


I am trying to use AppSheet to create an app that will help us manage student registration. There are multiple steps in the process, and I want to use an EnumList (“Progress” column) to keep track of which steps students have completed.

I was able to create an action that sets the value of the EnumList to “Test date scheduled”, which is one of the options available in the EnumList dropdown. I was also able to create a workflow that successfully triggers this action when a student submits a form. However, my action erases all of the other checks.

Is there a way to set up the action such that a specific item from the EnumList is checked while other items are unchanged?

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Please post a screenshot of the action configuration.

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Try replacing the value here:


with this expression:

  [OO Progress]
  + LIST("4. Test date scheduled")
  - LIST("")
  1. [OO Progress] starts with the current list.

  2. ... + LIST("4. Test date scheduled") adds another item to the list from (1).

  3. ... - LIST("") removes duplicate and blank values from the list from (2).

  4. SORT(...) sorts the list resulting from (3).

See also:


It worked! Thanks so much, and thank you for the helpful links as well!

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