How can I create an attendance app which uses...

(Mncedisi Trinity Dewa) #1

How can I create an attendance app which uses student finger prints to authenticate attendance?

Is there a column type in Appsheet to cater for fingerprints?

(Fernando López) #2

No, but you can use QR code or NFC tags

(Mncedisi Trinity Dewa) #3

@Fernando_Lopez Thanks. How do I create and read QR codes in Appsheets? I am thinking of using that route.

(Mncedisi Trinity Dewa) #4

I have tried searching for sample apps which use qr codes in appsheet and have not found any so i need help

(Fernando López) #5

Read this article, if you need more help just contact me at Using a Barcode Scanner

(Mncedisi Trinity Dewa) #6

Thank you very much. This is helpful. I will be in touch should I face any problems.

(Fernando López) #7

@Mncedisi_Trinity_Dew you’re welcome

(Mncedisi Trinity Dewa) #8

Hie Fernando

I created an app for a simple attendance register using barcodes. One of the tables for the lesson details has a field which is supposed to calculate the students recorded as present in the referenced table.

I used the expression:


The first time, the expression was working perfectly returning the number of students who would be recorded in the referenced table based on the scancode. Now it is always giving me a 0.

How do I resolve this?

I also verified and tested the expression. It is giving the right outcome but the result field continues to show a 0. Please help if you can

(Fernando López) #9

@Mncedisi_Trinity_Dew I guess your “count field” is a column in your table, try to create a virtual column and put your expression there.

(Mncedisi Trinity Dewa) #10

Thank you. I understand now.

(Mncedisi Trinity Dewa) #11

How do I automatically show the value from another table in another table?