How can i create the report with pivot table?...

(UPCL Ng) #1

How can i create the report with pivot table? I have a list of contracts expired in coming months, i would like a have summary of year report, and plot out the expiry date on each month of each category of contracts

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

You could read values with two different SELECT expression with suitable conditions in the same template. You can bring data from two different tables without reference. Little bit difficult to give any example without knowing your table structure.

(Nelson Sum) #3

My table structure as below: Taskid

expirydate category

Site 1001 2018/8/15 insurance

site-name 1002 2018/9/1 lift maintenance site name

I want report with pivot table format slice by site

Site-name Category 2018jan 2018feb… 2018aug 2018sep Insurance.

1 Lift maintenance.


(Nelson Sum) #4

This is one sheet summary page to show a whole year with the expiry date count of contracts for different site

(UPCL Ng) #5


My table structure as below:

Taskid | Expirydate | Category |

Site 1001


2018/8/15 | insurance | SiteA 1002




lift maintenance | SiteB

The report format like this:

Category | 2018Jan | 2018 Feb… | 2018 Aug| 2018Sep Insurance | 0




| 1

All months shown in column, category shown in rows, value is the count of category