How can I display select information from a referenced table?


I want to create a view that allows the user to see a list of students, and quickly see the total attendance each student has without pressing an additional button.

This is the best I can do so far: image

This view uses the Students table, and is set to show the computed name and the Related Attendances. The user can click on “Related Attendances” and see the attendance students have in each of their classes. They can also see the total of in-person and distance hours.

I want to skip the click, and just specify “Show the computed name from the Students table, and show columns 1, 3, and 5 from all linked records in the Related Attendances table”. Is there a way to do that?

Thank you!

You could create additional VCs in the Students table to show columns from the “Attendance” table.

For example, if there is a column called [Distance Hours] in the child “Attendance” table, you could pull it in the Students table with the expression [Related Attendances][Distance Hours] and so on for other columns that you wish to display.

Please note that the child table can have many related records for a single parent table record. So the pulled in columns will appear as list values listing the values for each of the related child records. In your case, though the shared screenshot shows just one or zero related records, so there will be one or zero values displayed in the pulled in columns.

In the image below. Quantity and Total columns are pulled in from the child “Order Details” table by using an expression [Related Order Details][Quantity] and [Related Order Details][Total]

Edit: Please refer the article below


Thank you!!! This is exactly what I needed, and it works like a charm!