How can I do a view filter, and pass the formula in the slice

How can I do a view filter, and pass the formula in the slice. On ux it will only show the latest [Start Date] update of each [NIK]

Please elaborate on what you mean by this.

Are you saying this is what it is doing, or that is what you’re wanting it to do?

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yes, thanks for the confirmation, what I mean is, on UX it will only display the latest [Start Date] column of each [NIK]

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How might I add a date filter to the mix?

If the items table has multiple rows that are essentially all duplicates with the one difference being the date column. Now, I want to by default only allow searching of the most recent date.

There are three rows that match the search criteria. Rather than returning all three rows, I only want to return the ONE most recent row based on the date column.

I assume I could/should use a MAXROW expression but, not sure where I should put it. I have tried using as a slice filter expression and that won’t work as a MAXROW doesn’t meet the slice expression requirements of being a yes/no result.

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Try this as your slice’s Row filter condition expression:

    "Start Date",
      ([NIK] = [_THISROW].[NIK])

Replace table with the name of the table being sliced.

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Thanks @Steve , it worked

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