How can I do automation

I don’t know what wrong I did


There is a comma after the second condition within the AND() statement that shouldn’t be there (since there is no third condition). Try removing the comma and see if it triggers successfully.

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In fact, the comma is not present in the code, i just write it here by mistake

DAY(TODAY()) : Today’s day of the month.
I would check if the week no is same and weekday(today())-weekday([Last_change_date])>4

I have tested the condition it works fine but still nothing happens I don’t know way

Please Help

I have attached a PDF with a detailed explanation of everything I have done

Automation.pdf (135.5 KB)

Table: S_Req

Req_id First_useremail Date Req_status R_end_userename Last_change_date
123 Benjamin 24-3-2021 Available
124 28-3-2021 In negotiation 4-4-2021

In 28-3-2021 the user( logged in

and changed (record: 124) from Available to (In negotiation)

now the user( have 4 Days to close the deal

if deal is not closed within 4 days the app automatically should change [Req_status] back to “Available”

I tried to implement it through the following


Schedule to first event


Schedule the change

Event type: Schedule

ForEachRowInTable: true

Table: S_Req

Filter Condtion


       [Req_status] = “In negotiation” ,

Schedule: Daily

Time : 12:00Am

Time Zone (Arabian Standard time)


Set [ Req_status ] to “ Available

Task to run: Change Data

Action to run: set row values

Set these columns: [ Req_status ] = “ Available


Set [ Req_status ] to “ Available

Task category: change Data

Task name: Set [ Req_status ] to “ Available

Table name: S_req

Data change action name: Set [ Req_status ] to “ Available

Test: Works Fine
Process: Works with no Errors

Can any of you tell me what I did wrong?