How can i filter the data in a column i type from another view?

Hello everyone. I have a problem, that’s my table have a lot of columns. It’s about 80 columns, I try to create another view for search data. But it’s not possible because have many columns. I can’t create a form that has 80 rows for filter 80 columns. It’s not possible. So finally I have a crazy idea that creates a form that has 2 inputs. One for input the column I want to filter and another input for input the value I want to filter. And as you see, it’s didn’t work.
I have no ideas for handle this trouble, I think my idea is a bad idea but I hope some of you can help me handle this trouble. because I think a filter for the column is a good reason.

It’s not a terrible idea, but it’s not going to work like that. You can’t dynamically refer to a column like that. For your Slice expression, you’ll need to write an IFS() or SWITCH() with one condition-value pair for each column. Something like:

    ANY( filter[COLUMN] ) ,
    "col1" , [col1] ,
    "col2" , [col2] ,
  ) ,

This most certainly is possible. Perhaps you meant to say it is not reasonable?


Thanks a lot bro. It’s work. I mean it’s not reasonable to create a form to filter with 80 rows. My English is not too good so sometimes I describe it not well. Thank you so much and have a nice day.