How can I filter the data included in an attachment template

Hi everyone.

I have a report that is sent by email using a workflow with an excel attachment file. It includes a select sentence to filter the rows. Now the Select condition is fixed.

Is there any way to manipulate dynamically that select sentence?. I.E. passing a date as parameter and filtering by that.

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Miguel Sánchez

The SELECT() expression can only use data from your tables and data provided by other functions. To pass a parameter, that parameter must be stored in a table somewhere and the SELECT() expression must be written to use it.


Thanks Steve.

Thanks for your answer

I’m a little confused. I have a date column which I want to use in order to filter the report rows. Is there any technique so the user could select a range of dates at a view and a pass those values to the Select sentence?

Thanks again!

It’s certainly possibly, but it’s not trivial. Your best bet would be to create a report request table. The email report would be generated when the user submits a report request form. The form could include the date range desired, or even identify specific rows to include. The attachment template would make use of the report request form in deciding what to include.

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