How can I filter the reference table based on quick edit values

How can I filter the reference table based on quick edit values without creating a second reference table?

When I click, the relevant data below will be filtered

thanks for answer
I know how to create a slice, creating a slice for every condition alone is a very troublesome job,
Don’t have another solution? I’ve already created slice for 16 tables, There will be no fixed filter, depending on the situation

All Feedback Valid_if:

[Number]=“Interviever 1”,
SELECT([All Feedback][Date],[Date] = [_THISROW].[Date])

It did not give error, but it is not filtering. Please help me

You need to use a slice.

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what will my formula be when I use slice

IFS is an “Or” expression. First, AppSheet will check to see if a record satisfies [Number]=“Interviever 1”. Then, if that is not satisfied, it will check for the next condition. Also, unless I’m mistaken [_THISROW].[Date] would not be a meaningful expression in a slice because it is not clear what [_THISROW] refers to.

I’m not sure exactly would the correct expression would be but I think you probably need to use an “AND” expression and that you need to change the SELECT([All Feedback][Date],[Date] = [_THISROW].[Date]) part.

The same date column is in the main table,

Can you write the formula as an example?

According to the values in the main table that I want to filter values for the sub-table.

I’m trying to use slice but the table is counting more and the variable is too


I can try. Please tell me what conditions you want. I think one condition is

[Number]=“Interviever 1”

Is [Date] in the same table as [Number]? If not, you might want to put it in the table with a virtual expression so that you can use it as a criterion in your slice.

Then, we need to know how to filter your [Date]. What should it be lower than, higher than, or in between? If you want to include everything within the past three days, for example, and the [Date] column is in the same table I think the following should work:

and([Number]=“Interviever 1”,([Date] + 3 ) >= TODAY())

By the way, “Interviewer” is misspelled. That would cause a problem if you have not spelled it the same way throughout.

I guess I couldn’t tell if I want to filter the allfeedback table, with the value in the name column, this doesn’t happen with this formula.

I can’t see your tables so I’m afraid I can’t help.

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I built a sample app that has the Quick Edit search function you described.

More info in this post:


Thank you very much, thank you that was what I was looking for.

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I want to ask one more thing;

I have two quick edit values, the second changes according to the first.

for example;
1.Quick edit:
name (enum): new / old

if name: new
2.quick edit:
value (enum): first / second

if name: old
2.quick edit:
value (enum): thirth / forth

When I first select “new” and “first” and then filter by selecting “old” and “thirth”, I get a “This entry is invalid” warning. Is there a way to prevent it? So when the value “name” changes, the value “value” must be empty

Could you please post a screenshot of the validation error, and the Valid If setting?

Now I have a more important problem, filtering works very well. but it was previously automatically listed with “REF_ROWS ()”.
Now that I use the filtering formula, child doesn’t come with the referenced data when adding records to the tables. [Table1]. [Table2].

What can be done? I don’t want to return to the formula “REF_ROWS ()” again

I’ve solved the problem thanks