How can I find the factors that affect the sync time?

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While the data I enter in some tables are saved very quickly, in some tables the recording speed is very low (orange indicator). I can see the sync times of the tables in the Performance profile, but I cannot see the recording times. How can I find the factors that affect the recording time?

Anyone to help?

Data entered in a table is saved too late, could you please help me find out why?

Please contact for help with this.

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I sent mail now. What do you think could be the problem? Thanks.

Depends on what you mean by “slow”. If you’re using a spreadsheet, AppSheet rate-limits the updates to (I believe) one per second, so updates will never get sent any faster than that. I believe database data sources have no rate-limiting, so they’d be much faster.

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All my data is on google sheet. With my application, I save data in many tables, but data is saved very slowly in a few tables and synchronized late. For example, in fast tables, the synchronization time (save, edit, delete) is 10 seconds, but in slow tables, each update is about 1 minute. I’m trying to understand the reason for this.

I would suspect lots of spreadsheet formulas, or inline charts, or importing cell values from other spreadsheets. Basically, if you’re trying to use the spreadsheet as a feature-rich spreadsheet and not just as a data store for the app, you’re likely to have problems.

There are no formulas in spreadsheets, formulas in application. not in the inline chart.

Then you need to contact, as I already suggested.

There is a workflow connected to this table, it has not changed even though I disabled it.

I sent an e-mail, but there was no return.

MAXROW(SlowTable, Max Date, [EquipmentID]=[_THISROW].[EquipmentID])

With this formula, I move the most recent values to the main table. I am using regular column not virtual column but still slow. There was no return from the support team.