How can I force the users to sign in every time they use the App?

I’m working on an application for a client in the medical industry, and due to data security regulations they need to be logged out each time they close the application. Is there a way to force users to sign in each time they open the app (through the browser or through mobile)?


Currently, this is NOT possible.

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Certainly not easily, but I’m thinking that you could force your users to use a new browser session every time.

You can utilize CONTEXT(“Host”) to block all views and data from “Mobile”.

Then you can present a simple form (can just be a “welcome, please click save to continue” Show column, and some hidden columns) as the starting view that’ll record the time and the UUID with CONTEXT(“Device”). And then block all views and data for any existing UUID that is 5,10,x number of minutes past the recorded time.

Maybe worth it, maybe not. Just a thought.

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I am gonna hope/assume that you have already consulted with Appsheet on the data security regulations regarding the platform as a whole first for this?

Depending on how much control you have, a solution for browser would be something along the lines of a simple bash script that opens the app link in incognito and closes any open incognito windows. This would force a login for browsers.