How can I get a dashboard to update when a VC value changes?

I have been trying to develop an interactive dashboard and need help to understand how the interactive updates are managed. In other words, what fields are interactive and which ones need to be synced.

My table has a Parent Orders table, a Child DaySheets table and grandchild Materials Used table.
From a list view of the Orders table, the user selects the Order he wants to process.
As soon as one is selected the related Daysheets appear in a second List View.
The user then clicks an inline button that initiates an action to mark the required Daysheets by updating a value in the Select field.
As soon as they do another table view form in the dashboard displays the materials used on that Day sheet, including the quantity, and that shows correctly.
I also need to make provision for Daysheets to be selected but the quantity to be zero so I have created a second field in my Daysheets table called Exclude. Then it’s a simple case of having a VC called Included Quantity with a formula set to If([Exclude]=“Yes”,0,[Qty]).
However, what happens is that the VC doesn’t update until I sync, which basically means the interactive nature isn’t working with the VC.
Is this normal? Do VC’s only update on sync?

Interactive dashboards have no effect n how virtual columns are handled.

Virtual columns within a single row are updated whenever a non-virtual column in the same row is updated. All virtual columns are updated when a sync occurs.


It is also we need to bear in mind there is time lag untile the VC is updated, refrecting the change of data made by the app users.
The change made by the users sometime not swiftt visble and available until the backend appsheet server pushes new (lastest) vc value to the clients.


Thanks Steve and tsuji_koichi.

Given your confirmation I changed my approach and was able to generate displays in a useful format. Thanks

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