How can i get a SUM of a column from a table ...

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How can i get a SUM of a column from a table that contains the reference key to a parent table in a one to many relationship??

In SQL it would be something like:

SELECT SUM([Price]) from tblInvoice WHERE tblCUSTOMER([CustId]) = tblINVOICE([CustId])

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for that Levent … but i cannot seem to find how to use that expression to get what i want … which is this:

I have a spreadsheet with two tabs (tables) … first tab contains the main record which has DATE as Primary Key … the next tab has child records with that DATE as a Foreign Key (along with its own PK of course).

In my app i have been able to create a slice where it returns the single header row for TODAY() … together with the detailed child records belonging to the second tab!!

But where i am now stumped is being able to SUM the financial number column in the child table for that particular header date … and then being able to show that summation in the header record … as some ‘virtual field’ i suppose?? … so that the user can always see what the running total for the particular day is.

Can this be done?? If so any tips would be appreciated.

Thankyou in advance.

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