How can I get Menu Click event?

I need to display options in Dropdown dynamically, Here I have 2 menus means 2 views.

If Dashboard menu A is clicked then value 1,2,3 will show in the form dropdown and if the user clicks on menu B then the value should be 4,5 and 6.
Same table and same column(Enumlist)

I need a clicked View value e.g. if the user clicks on View A then I need that value “A”.

Any suggestions would be great. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @rrhirani,

I presume by menu you mean views. Also based on your description you have the two views A and B on the same table and you are using forms to select those drop downs.

If so, please explore if following approach helps you.

If A_Form is the form view corresponding to the Vietw A and B_Form is the view corresponding to the View B , then in the dropdown field’s valid_if you may have an expression something like


The approach mentioned above uses CONTEXT() expressions. You may wish to refer to following article on CONTEXT() function just in case you have not


@Suvrutt_Gurjar : First of all, many thanks for your perfect solution. it’s working like a charm!!
and Yes, I meant menu means View. I’ve edited my question so nobody gets confused. Thanks a lot for giving me CONTEXT() function idea :heart_eyes:


Hi @rrhirani,
Thank you for your update. Good to know the approach works for you.

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