How can I get my app to send push notifications when my data changes?

I can’t get my app to send me push notifications when my data table in google sheets changes. The google sheet is a query table that changes every 12 hours.

I have two behavior workflows set up with the only difference between the two under the “WHEN THIS HAPPENS…” section:

  • one where “Update Event: Updates_Only”
  • the second where “Update Event: All_Changes”

Then, the “DO THIS” action is “Notify” and I have my email entered (and push notifications for Appsheet enabled locally on my phone).

The thing is, when I open the app and refresh, the “updated” data pulls to the app. It’s almost like the app doesn’t notice the table has changed until I force a refresh… but my understanding was the workflow was meant to remedy that.

Appsheet only send notification or email in case the data change is made through the appsheet.
Your spreadsheet is updated by query or GAS whichever they are basically nothing to do with Appsheet. To fire the appsheet workflow, data change always need to be made on Appsheet as platform.

To achieve your goals, I m afraid you need to script on your own, or employ other external service wihch listen to data change event on Spreadsheet and trigger notifications.

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Got it - thanks for explaining Tsuji.

Is there a workaround where I could set a time-based push notification for every 12 hours?

It depends on what sort of contents to put on the notification, but Appsheet “Report” will solve the problem.

set scheule report per 12 hours and pick up notification.

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You’ve saved me again Tsuji (Koichi-san?). Thanks for the help.

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