How can I log a repeat inspection when the inspection result is the same?

Hi, all.

I have a procedural question, and probably a very easy one.

My app has actions set up for field inspections. After a month or so, someone will return to the same item and inspect it again. If the results are the same, and they select the same option as the last time, it won’t register as an action or change anything…I understand this to be because the Google Sheet cell would technically see it as the same status.

What has been everyone’s workaround or “best practices” for logging a repeat action with the same result?

I am not always the best at describing what I’m after in AppSheet lingo, so I hope that is not the problem here…

I can try and rephrase the question if needed.

I need the new timestamp and user info for an action when the action is the same as the previous (e.g. two inspections with the same result/using the same action button.) Right now, if someone marks an item as “dry” and goes back a month later to mark it “dry” again, the app doesn’t recognize any change and won’t log anything.

Like I said, I’m sure I’m missing an obvious solution, but I would love a smarter forum member’s help.

I would keep your “action” record as child records in another Table, so you can record an exact history.


Thanks for the reply.

Right now, I do have a child table for “activity,” but the problem is choosing the same action as before doesn’t register on that table…I hope I am describing the problem the right way.

I took a quick video of what I mean. The item I’m clicking was “dry” the last time it was inspected, and when I try to use that button again to give it a new timestamp indicating the status has not changed - but it was inspected again - it doesn’t register…Apologies if my meaning is unclear.

I mean that you’d create a brand new record for every activity, not edit an existing record.


Right. I have that working fine at the moment. The parent table rows are edited, and a new row is added to a child table. But if I pick the same action like I tried to show above, nothing is changed…

Thanks for sticking it out with my post.

I don’t understand what the issue is then. Is something not working correctly? What do you mean by “nothing is changed”? If there is a new record being created, that is most definitely a “change”.

I mean a new record is not added, nor is the parent table edit showing up when it is the same action as the previous one…If I were to click a different action, that does work - the row edit and the new row in the child table. So right now, if an item is marked “dry,” the only way I can see to indicate that it is dry again the next time someone clicks it is to pick a different action, and then click “dry.” I would try to capture that on video, but I didn’t want to bounce from the app to the Google Sheet and make it confusing…

But it sounds like it’s already confusing.

Show how your Actions buttons are configured.

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Here is the action I’ve been using as an example:

And here’s how I’ve been adding a new row to the other table:

I am a beginner, so I assume I made some kind of misstep…

Hopefully those images are what you had in mind. I can screenshot something else if needed…

So how is the 2nd Action being triggered, in any case?

I’ve been using a bot to do that.

Ahhh, that makes way more sense now.

You should change your “Dry” Action to be a Grouped Action, that triggers your old “Dry” Action, as well as the 2nd Action.


Perfect! I knew there was something fundamental I was missing. I will get to work on that. I may revisit here with a follow-up question, so bear with me. At least now I know where to start. Thanks!