How can I make automaticaly a column to get data from another column once I save the changes?

Well, it happens to me that I’m learning to write the URL of the pictures that I take in App.
So, I’ve this columns:

  1. ImageRoute: It’s the image that I take, it shows the picture on the app, and on the sheet it writes the location and name of the picture.
  2. ImageURL: It uses the ImageRoute [1] text to concatenate the Image URL.
  3. Image: it’s not processed on the appsheet, it’s used on google sheets and it’s the command =Image(Cell with “ImageURL” [2]), so it shows on the google sheets the image that has been taken.

Well, the problem that i’m having is that when the user takes a picture creating a new instance, it does not instantly fills the columns 2 and 3. I think that it’s because it saves the three at the same time, and it should save the first one and then, with that info, to save the other two. Because if i edit that same instance and then save it again without changing anything, it fixes everything.

How can I automate the action of:

  1. save the image route.
  2. then do everything else. ?

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

If you simply need to “update” the row - this will show you how

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