How can I make Sign up using the local Phone Number

every time user login or sign up they default use their Phone number w/out OTP if without, just proceed to App drawer or Home and that database of a new user saves to EXCEL is this possible? Or is there any extension or any alternative to solve this. or if not any good alternative in signing up? Thanks

I don’t understand.

I am sorry for the word what i mean is, how can I make Sign Up platform that using phone number instead of (connect to fb account or google account) and then the database save to excel, is this possible to save NEWLY register customer directly into excel? and that is their default password? or any sms or what. Thanks … I am new here

AppSheet does not support sign-up or login by phone number.

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can I ask a lot of questions? regarding to my entire learning process from this Interesting Platform. the time that i will ask when I don’t Understand something or wondering off. I hope you will guide me STEVE hehe… thank you for your response. I hope … that I hope you’ll guide me hehehehe Thanks you, I appreciate


Please feel free to post your questions here in the community. We’re here to help! :slight_smile: